More than one WD live tv Unit

Hi, just got and hooked up my WD live tv unit. Everything is working great. Set it up as part of my Home Network and it accesses all my files etc from my windows xp computer. My question is can  I hook up 2 more wd live tv units to differetn tvs in the house and can they all access files etc or will I have a conflict between the units.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Welcome to the forum!  :)

There are a number of users running multiple WDTVLive’s on their networks without issue.

I think the main thing to remember is to go to Settings > Network Settings on the Live and give them unique Device Names.  Default is WDTVLIVE.  Obviously, if all units identify themselves as the same name on the network, that could cause issues.  

Rename them as WDTVL1, WDTVL2, etc. and you should have no problems.  

Also, if you do have any issues, it’ll be easier to determine which units are / are not visible on the network.  Makes troubleshooting easier.

Count me among them; one of mine is wired, one is wireless.   I’ve even tried starting the same HD movie at exactly the same moment from both players.  Just wanted to see what would happen.  It all worked fine…

Great thanks for the qucik response.   Now to start ripping all my dvds to my computer and let the wd live tv  work its magic. Regards. …:slight_smile:

ceccam:  Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, or you might wind up re-doing all your media (like I did.)

The first time I did this, I mistakenly set everything to AAC mixdown (thus losing AC3 Surrond) and no subtitles.

Make SURE you get your workflow established so you don’t miss something.

When I started doing this (the second time) I only did three or four DVDs at a time, until I was SURE I had it right.

Here’s what I did:

Use AnyDVD to rip my DVDs to a temporary folder.

Use Handbrake 0.9.4 to convert the DVDs using a Pre-set I created that:

   – Was based on the HIGH PROFILE 

   – Changed the RF Factor to 22

   – Selects the first Audio track, and assumes it’s AC3 with Passthru

   – Selects the first Subtitle track, and assumes it’s English.

I went through each Title that I wanted to keep (and if there’s any confusion, I used VLC Player to examine the title sets), select that title, and look for additional Audio tracks that I want to included, and select them all.   Same for Subtitles. 

After making sure that the Audio codecs are correct and subtitles match, I set the destination folder and changed the output name to something meaningful, being mindful of Sort Orders (like for the Star Trek movies,  “04- The Voyage Home”) and add it to the Batch Queue, and repeat for each title and each DVD.    Sometimes I did as many as 50 - 60 DVDs at one time.

Once I got it filled up (or bored), I would START the queue and let my Linux server chew on it for 3 or 4 days.

Then I’d verify every output file on the WDTV, and when satisfied, would delete the Temp space (all the vobs.)

The only things I’d add to Tony’s very detailed and helpful reply is this:

  1. The RF factor in Handbrake is the biggie – you need to determine for yourself what is best (and while I would listen to others don’t let them make up your mind for you).  Tony uses 22, I would recommend 20 for DVDs for sure (I sometimes use 22 for blu-rays but that’s a whole other discussion).  You will save a very tiny amount of space using 22 over 20, but 20 is a better image, IMHO.

  2. Passthrough DTS as well as AC3 (IOW, if there is a DTS track, pass through that in the same way you pass through your AC3 track) assuming your receiver can decode DTS. 

  3. Output to MKV.  The Live seems to like this better than Handbrake’s default MP4 container (once again, IMHO – the disadvantage is that if you have Apple devices they will NOT like MKV).