More issues, really?

Okay so I’ve had this device less than a month, and I’m starting to feel like the bad outweighs the good. Now the device randomly starts compiling media library and says my hdd has been removed. I’m honeslty getting tired of all the issues. I have reset device to factory default several times ano it works one time, then the next time, it does something lame. I will return this device and exchange it, and if this doesn’t resolve the issue. I will return it and select another device =( I’m really hoping that it’s just my device and it needs replaced.

Before you replace it, if you are already in the latest firmware, have you tried a roll back?

Whether or not a firnware downgrade would produce different results, this is a retail product marketed for the average consumer.  And the average customer won’t join a forum or even think of looking for one to report an issue, and they wouldn’t be the best candidate to perform a firmware downgrade.  WD is really dropping the ball on this product and driving a bunch of their own customers to jump ship for competing devices.

By your definition ampreston85 is no average customer so downgrading might be the right thing for him.

Try disabling network shares (Setup - Network - Shares - Off).

Steve W