More flexibility in share visibility

I use my WDEX4 as a media server, and also as a backup server.  

When I connect to it using a WDTV, it annoying lists all the shares.   I’d like to hide various shares from the WDTV.   For example, Public, Backups, Recycle-Bin, etc…  

I know Samba can handle this.   Perhaps an advanced share config page giving access to the allow/deny capability?


– Ian Davis


1 - repost 2 - not possible for smb

Not possible?   How about smb.conf ‘host allow’ or ‘host deny’.  

At the very least it stops a machine from accessing the shares.   On PC’s it makes them unbrowsable.   I could hope for the same behavior on a WDTV, but may be wrong.

– Ian

btw, I have confirmed that “host deny” in the share definition DOES work.

The following example, in a share section, prevents a WDTV (the ip-address belongs to the WDTV) from showing the share.

  host deny =

Works perfectly.

– Ian