I already have paid subscriptions to Hulu Plus and Netflix. I wish that I could stream Amazon prime, but then I’d have to pay for Playon and Prime and I think that I am paying enough.

I have been googling this and that for a while now and it is taking up all of my time. Try UnoTelly this or Tunlr that.

I change DNS settings within the WDTV Live to this and that and quite frankly no magic happens. No new icons appear under services.

I’d like to know what my paid and unpaid options are what they can get me.

I’d like to watch BBC UK for one, but I’d like to know what ALL of my options are.

Playon appears under media server when I install it under Media servers but doesn’t have any of the content that I need nor can I get a trial.

Again, I don’t want to get hosed trying out a bunch of ■■■■ that doesn’t work or apply.

I don’t want complicated options either.

Can anyone help?


PS I am based out of the USA.

The WDTV has limited content choices. Recommend a Roku or Amazon Fire TV stick. Both have lots of apps and streaming content. Netflix, Prime video. Best bang for buck is Fire TV Stick.

I don’t know. I was able to force my WDTV to play BBC IPlayer with no hassle by using UnoTelly’s service and simply entering the DNS server in the DNS field on the WDTV. I’d rather not have multiple devices especially when I have tons of MKV’s that I play back on my WDTV.