eats too much I/O!

I have millions of small files (backup of my website) stored in one share of My Book Live. I notice green led flicker too often after I stored these files. And the speed is much lower than before.

So I sshed onto My Book Live and I found something terrible. Tthe %wa(which means waiting for I/O) keeps being very high. And the criminal is " ls, tally and". So I looked and there’s a " ls -s1NRA --block-size=1 /shares", this command list all files on my shares and it seems taking hours to traverse the whole drive.

Is there any way to change this?

I moved these small files out of /shares and to /DataVolume/backup and it’s OK now, and I can delete the annoying “.AppleDouble” folders. Though I can only access these files via SFTP.


same problem here. Only this happens after each (incremental) Time Machine backup, since TM backups are sparsebundles consisting of thousands of 8MB files. Also, I have tens of thousands of files in my /shares directory.

Can this job be disabled safely? (I can do it via SSH if it doesn’t break anything.)