Monitoring User Activity

I would like to be able to monitor user activity on my PR4100. Just some basic stuff like when did they login and out.

As far as I can tell (I don’t know Linux very well, if at all) there is a “last” command which should give the necessary information I’m after. However, it seems that WD have cut down on the Linux utilities available by using BusyBox which should have its own last command. But, when I SSH into my PR4100 get the Busybox prompt it tells me that there is no such command as last.

Can anyone advise how to get the information that I need?

“last” will only tell you the last time a user logged in to the the box via SSH, anyway – not the shares and stuff.

So, are you saying that “last” only gives those users who used SSH to login? Even so, I don’t appear to have a “last” command available. Where’s it gone?

It is not available in busybox, as you’ve already noticed – I was just commenting that, even if it WERE available, it wouldn’t tell you what you’re after.

I don’t have a PR series NAS, but you might consider looking in the smbd.log or afpd.log files to see if those give you anything…