Salve, volevo sapere se è possibile monitorare live gli accessi degli utenti o se esiste uno storico che registri tutti gli accessi, ovviamente come Amministratore.



A good Italian friend of mine translated your question as:
Hello, I wanted to know if it possible to monitor live access from users or if there is a log that records all the accesses from users, obviously as the administrator, thank you, Andrea

Here’s my answer:
Well, I know if an user is logging onto an EX2 share from the local network using Windows computers then just a basic log of the user’s local IP address, time of connect and disconnect and the username is indeed logged. You can view this log in one of two ways. First, the easy way is to login to the EX2 dashboard as the admin, go to Settings tab, then click Utilities from the different groups on left side, then look at the very top section of the page under System Diagnostics -> System Logs -> click View Log button and it will show you the log, which will continue to show from the most recent log entries to older entries, as you keep scrolling down. I am not sure if it also shows accesses from Macs or WD mobile app since I don’t use them, but my guess is, at least for the Mac, it probably does. Second, the less-easy way to look at the same log is to connect to the EX2 via SSH and view the log /var/log/user.log

There is also an existing feature request for a more detailed log submitted by another user here ( ) that I sugges you vote on. To add your vote on that linked page, just click the up arrow button on the left of the post’s title…it will show the number of votes and after your vote is added that count will go up. WD is already considering implementing it but another vote doesn’t hurt, only helps.

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Thank you!