Mojo theme

Well hi there!

I’ve bought a wd tv live hub 1tb yesterday and I’m playing with it right now. I’ve installed the Mojo theme (1.12.01, that’s the most recent right?) and now I’m a little bit stuck.

In the thread, there’s a link to Thumbgen templates. I’ve downloaded it. Then there’s also a link to a tutorial, that takes you step to step trough the process. Now, either i’m blind (maybe selective blind then :stuck_out_tongue: ) of there is no tutorial. The post in the thread says there should be a tutorial here, on this board, as well. But I’ve used the search and can not find it. (Blind again, I guess :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, I just want to use the thumbgen templates in my Mojo theme. Can someone please tell me how to do so? Or can be someone be so kind to link me to a tutorial?

Thanks in advance!

Why do people create “New Threads” to ask simple question ? 

Posting the “Question” in the Author’s thread would make more Common Sense.

The More New Threads created asking “Basic” Questions makes it harder to search for the revelant information.

There is a Tutorial for Mojo on the 1st page …

For those that need it you can download a Tutorial HERE.


Please tell us you have .PDF Reader Software installed on your PC ?  :neutral_face:

Omg, I’m really **bleep**ing blind :’) Sorry!

This thread can be closed, in my opinion. And I will post further questions in the author’s thread.

Thnx anyway for the help!