Mojo theme overview cycle issue

I am using the latest version of ThumbGen/Mojo 1.12.01 (MS) and I followed TinWarble’s step by step process to set up ThumbGen and it seemed like it runs perfectly on my WD TV Live however when I change the view to show all the movies and details, the overview section seems to loop very quickly where its impossible to read (it just constantly flashes fast). I was wondering if there was a way to edit it to slow down the scroll/cycle so you can read the plot details of the movie instead of having to go into the movie folder (I organized my hard-drive so that every movie has its own folder) and selecting the options button for the file and hitting view info (or whatever it is).

Thanks for all the help!:mantongue:

What firmware version are you using?

I believe I am using the latest versions of everything, including the WD TV Live. I just received my box a few days ago and when I first turned it on it told me to update it and I did. I am thinking about changing my theme to the second theme that is found on the second post from the List of Themes thread. That theme seems to have a bigger box to view all the movie information and a bigger content box to view the movie plot. Is there a step by step process how to get it to work similar to the instructions PDF I found for the mojo theme? It also would still be good to find out what was wrong with my mojo theme content issue also.

Well, first, Mojo isn’t designed to work on the current firmware.  I suggest you rollback to 2.07.17, which this theme is designed to work with.  The reason that you are having issues is because there have been changes (and bugs) to the firmware since I designed this theme.  Firmware rollback instructions can be found here:

Or you can wait as I’m in the process of fixing Mojo so that it is more compatiable with the current firmware.

As for the theme in the second post, that theme is also not compatiable with the current firmware and has not been updated for at least 5 firmware updates.  So you may find that it does not work with the HUBs recent firmware.

Is there any themes that run on the latest firmware?

Also, not to rush you, but how long do you think til you release your latest mojo theme running on the newest firmware?

I was considering to rolling back my firmware until I realized I have been posting in the wrong section of the forum. I have a WD TV Live (non-hub), is there a certain firmware I have to roll-back to to allow the MOJO theme to work?

You provided me with the HUB’s rollback firmware (2.07.17).


No, themes on the SMP work pretty much the same for all FW version.

Not to worry though, I’m fixing to roll out an update in the SMP forum. Between now and a day or 2.

Also, just to go back to your first post.  The overview should not scroll AT ALL anyway.  When you are in the Gallery view (the one that shows the thumbs at the bottom with metadata), the overview is static.

The only thing that should scroll is the title and that is only if it’s too long to display in the title bar.  If your overview is scrolling then you have done something wrong.

If it appears to be “flashing” you may have generated moviesheets with metadata on them instead of using my moviesheet templates. You need to make sure that you are generating either this sheet:

or this sheet.


These are the only sheets that work on Mojo.