Mojo Theme on FW 1.12.14

Will the Mojo theme work on the newest 1.12.14 FW for the SMP?  I’ve been trying for days to get it installed and it just sits at the browser forever after I hit submit through the web interface.

I don’t have a USB drive hooked up to the SMP as all my videos are on my PC and I want to use shares to acces them that way.  Not sure if not having a drive attaced to the SMP makes a difference, so I attached a 2GB flash drive and still a no go.

Any ideas or help for a newbie would be much appreciated…thanks!

Yes.  And if you are using IE9, you’ll need to try a different browser, Chrome or Firefox.

No IE9, it was IE8.  I may have d/l the wrong file.  I grabbed another one that looks smaller and I’ll try that tonight.


EDIT: This is the one I will try tonight…

If you were attempting to use any other then it want work.

You have to use the one you linked to.

Yep, worked like a charm!

Now to set up a get going with TG.