Mojo theme, backdrops VS .xml

I am using the Mojo theme becuse I wanted to use the backdrops for the tv series, but when I create the xml files in thumbgen, it creates the .xml and _sheet.jpg file.

now when I view it using the them I see both the xml data and the backdrop overlapping.


i treid to take a screenshot but it only shows the .xml view

take the this photos and superimpose…the last photo on top

all i want to see is the backdrop with the text…Ideas??

Because you are not using the sheets designed for the theme.

Mojo is not designed to use any sheet you want, you have to use the sheets that I supplied for the theme.

I am using ThumbGen Lite and yesterday found I was getting the same as your top “Castle (2009)” background sheets as well.

You must realize that ThumbGen is no longer being updated/supported so as things change (especially with TV Show info at TVDB) ThumbGen no longer ‘collects’ all the info.

I found my ThumbGen Lite settings seemed to have changed.

It is my understanding this is how they should be.

I had to ‘untick’ a couple of the top options. 

I still have to ‘manually’ add “Cast, Company and Genre” to my TV show sheets.

Movies still work fine, but I now need to manually input some of the TVDB info. 

I can get my Cast info by using “The TVDB XML Fetcher for the WDTV Live Hub” program.

and tick ‘spare moviesheet’ as well.

I have downlaoded the movieglass sheet2 and the no cover box for the SMP, but I dont know where to put them in order for me to get the results I want.

can you tell me where to put the files??

Page 14 of the User Guide located for download on Page 1 of Mojo for the SMP thread