Mojo SMP and Hub themes


I have a hub which has been set up with the MOJO theme.  I’ve just connected a SMP to another TV and am using it purely to stream from the hub (no hard drive is connected to the SMP ) MOJO theme has been installed on the SMP by using Google chrome … However… My problem is None of my covers on my hub or moviesheets are showing up on the SMP.  Where are these stored?  I am obviously missing something.  Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Ok, if I’m understanding correctly, you are accessing the files on HUB from the SMP.

How are you accessing them?  You need to make sure that you have the Media Library turned on, and have it added to the network shares.

If the HUB will see the covers and moviesheets, then the SMP will too.

Hi TW,

Im obviously doing something wrong.  I am using the SMP to access the files on the hub.  I can do this with all the movie files but the .jpg/.xml files aren’t showing up. 

Ive checked my media library- that’s on and my network on my pc is showing both the hub and SMP.

The fimware on my hub is the 2.06 version and the SMP is 1.12.14

Ive selected network share rather than media server as the content source for the SMP and now the folder covers show but not the covers for the movies inside the folders???

Any more suggestions greatly appreciated


What FW version you have on the HUB shouldn’t matter because you are accessing the HUB as a network share (basically like a NAS).

However, one reason that you may not be seeing the coverart is if you are using the .png/.jpg extension trick for your covers.   Unfortunately, this does not work on the SMP and if your covers were originally a .png, then you will not see the covers displayed.

Also, instead of accessing the HUB as a network share, I would suggest that you add folder(s) that you want as a Medial Library Share.  Setup / System / Media Library / Media Library Manager for Network Share / Add network share to Media Library.   Then set your content source (red button on remote) to My Media Library.

I would also suggest that if you are going to use the same theme on both and you want both to work together, you should flash the latest FW version on the HUB (because the latest HUB and SMP version work the same).  Then, take the Mojo version you downloaded from the SMP forum, open the Mojo folder and copy it’s content and paste it to the Mojo theme folder on the HUB.

Just remember though, that you can’t use the .png/.jpg trick on the SMP.  So you also need to download the coverbox template found on the SMP Mojo thread and use it to generate .jpgs (instead of .pngs) for your coverboxes.

Thanks TW… looks like I have some work ahead of me  (might give coco a try too)

Thanks again