Mojo Menu Add-on

This is an add-on for Mojo’s main menu to make it look like the pic below.  This gives each menu selection it’s own pic above the selected icon, so if you select Video it has it’s own pic and Music has it’s own.

To use this just copy the images from the “images” folder and replace the one that are in Mojo’s image folder, and copy and replace the xmls in the zip also.  Once you have done that, if you are running Mojo, re-apply the theme.

Download from HERE. (UPDATED 11-08-11 to fix missing xml)



Now this is WAAAAAYYYYY cool! :slight_smile: Any special instructions for the install of this for dummies? :wink:

Now if we could just use a .jpg for the WDLIVEHUB you see when you enter video!

Nope, no special instructions really.  Just copy and replace images and xmls, then re-apply the theme.  That’s it, you should be ready to go.

Also working on this.  It’s still in development, but as soon as I can work a few other things I have it out.


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Lookin good as usual TW

Oh!! That’s very cool too!! Looks great!

Hei Guys, i downloaded the Files for Main Menu and put them into the Folder…

Now i see 2 Headlines in the Main menu… How can i fix it…

2011-11-07 22.03.52.jpg

Did you copy and replace the xmls.  I can’t see your pic until the mods approve it, but it sounds as though you didn’t copy and replace the xmls or copied them to the wrong place.

Mhh, hope that the mods confirm the picture soon, that u can see it.

I have extracted the whole archive in the Mojo Folder. The existing Files had been Overwritten… Is that wrong??

First, extract the files to your PC (do not extract them directly to the HUB), then copy the xml’s to the “Mojo X.XX.XX (MS)” folder, and then copy the images to the “Mojo X.XX.XX (MS)/image” folder.  Yes, this will overwrite the old files.

I did exactly the same :slight_smile:

Hey Tinwarble, I have to say love your theme…thanks for the hard work! Mine is doing the exact same thing. I am running Mojo…downloaded and extracted add on on my computer. Followed your instructions to the tee copied and replaced…re applied theme…same doubling. Im at a lost here…

Ok, sorry guys.  Apparently I had left out an xml.:dizzy_face:

Anyway, download the file again and if you have already copied the images, then just recopy the xmls and paste them into the theme, then reapply and you should be good to go.

Again sorry about that.

Let me know how it goes.

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works fine :slight_smile:

Thx for your effort ^^

Thanks works great !!:smiley:

I had this problem but I thought i will live with it. But now I see you fixed it. I will re-apply the fix.

Also, you mentioned earlier that you are working on the second image, could you please let us know when could we expect to see that.Thanks!

looks awesome! i am wondering why your png’s support transparency and mine not :cry:

Tinwarble… you are officiall the Hub Whisperer :smileyvery-happy:

Hey D,

I’m supposing you are talking about the main menu focused icon supporting transparency.   Well they don’t, it’s just a trick.:wink:

Just installed the add on and it looks killer. Thanks for all the hard work.

Tinwarble wrote:

Hey D,


I’m supposing you are talking about the main menu focused icon supporting transparency.   Well they don’t, it’s just a trick.:wink:

They gonna give your own Magic Show on the strip in Vegas :slight_smile:

I saw what you did, awesome :smiley: