Mojo issue "Attached file size over the limit, Please try again." PLEASE help

I was able to install Alaska and I really like it, but I’d love to try Mojo, but I keep getting the dreaded “Attached file size over the limit, Please try again.” message.  I know it isn’t because HDD space, so is there anyway to increase the size of that area or are there any tricks to get Mojo installed??  FYI I checked the Mojo thread, but I couldn’t find a solution and I didn’t want my post to get lost in there.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  :) 

Don’t know a lot about themes, maybe some of the other user can give you a hand.

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You’re using the WD TV Live SMP not the Hub right, if I am not mistaken, isen’t there a different version of Mojo (slightly smaller file) to fit the SMP? are you perhaps trying to fit the Hub version onto the SMP?

Hopefully someone whom knows for sure will chime in with some help.

Hope you’ll get it resolved, good luck.

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Try this location, a Mojo theme file already zipped by member Gyro85


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Thanks, everyone! I was using the SMP version but nothing worked until I tried Gyro85’s file. BTW Mojo is GREAT! Thanks again!

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