MOJO (beta) 0.06.02 - UPDATE 4-13-11 - NOW PLAYING

This is a beta UPDATE.  It includes several new things and some fixes.  I have not had time to update the pics yet, but see the changelog in the update for what’s new and fixed.  I will update the pics as soon as I get a chance.

WARNING:  Do NOT use this theme if you have updated to Firmware version 2.05.08.  There is a bug in the new firmware that causes long text to not display correctly.  You have been warned.

Announcing the release of MOJO (beta) 0.06.02.  To use this theme with the thumbnail reflectons you will also need to download my TG Cover Box templates.  If you have previously downloaded the Anodized Trickle Theme and have created Cover boxes using the templates in that download, you do not have to recreate new Cover boxes.  However the new cover boxes are larger and there are more colors also.

This theme is only about 95% complete and I will be putting finishing touches on it in weeks to come.  This theme was built on top of PyschoTHC (which deserves a big thanks) Anodized theme, so anything that I have not yet completed will be filled with his icons.  I will also in coming weeks be making tweaks to the theme, so if you find things that do not look quite right, you are free to notifiy me, but I am probably already aware and will be making improvements.  Just keep in mind THIS IS A BETA version.


This theme works similar to the Anodized Trickle Theme, so if you have already used that theme then you are already fimiliar with what you have to do to make the thumbnails with reflections work.   The only difference with this theme is that you can now create much larger Cover art thumbnails, however you must keep the same aspect ratio.  The new Cover Boxes templates now generate thumbnails that are 251 X 482, but the older Cover boxes that are 185 X 349 will still work.

If you are new to this, you will need to know how to get the theme to work as it looks on the screenshots.  The first thing you should know is that if you have each film in it’s own seperate folder, you will not get the effect with the reflections.  This is because of limitaion of the firmware and not due to the theme.  The best way to have your folders structure for this theme (at least I find it best this way) is to have your movies seperated in GENRE folders.  This keeps from having to have all your movies in one folder, makes them easy to find and allows you to make use of the Trickle effect with reflections.  If you have your movies as DVD files, I suggest converting them to ISO if you wish to keep them the same way, this keeps them the same as the DVD, but places all the files in one container (same as making an uncomressed zip file).

The second thing you should know is how to use Thumbgen (TG), if you are not fimiliar with TG, then a good place to start learning is HERE.  Read the Thumbgen thread, and also take a look at the Tutorials thread and you will learn a lot.  Also, make sure that you have the correct version of TG, (there are 2 versions of TG 1.2.4) , you need Version  To get the reflectons to work, you will have to export the Cover boxes as .png with TG, then manually change the extension to .jpg, DO NOT use a program to do this.

So I hope that you enjoy.

EDIT:  Also, for those that would rather not have a cover box, here is a No Cover - Cover box template.

Gunmetal render.jpg





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Wow TW this is fantastic, can’t wait for it to be available, You’ve put a lot of hardwork into this a deserve a huge pat on the back.:smiley:

Simply Amazing

waiting eagerly for MOJO! :smiley:

WOW TW this is really cool looking!!  I can’t wait to give it a try.  Great job:smiley:


WOW, nice.

Thumbs up!

Great job as usual TimWarble! When will we be able to get this theme? I eagerly await it! Thanks.

Hey guys,

 Just wanted to say thanks, and I am going to try to have a beta version out this weekend if I can get some of the minor icons completed. I also have some new bigger TG (big box of crayons) cover boxes that I have to finish before the release, so if I can get it all done this weekend I should have something out.

If not it may be early next week, but the release will be soon.



Just a suggestion, could you incorporate Joey’s “cover up” trick to hide the reflection on the box that is part of the moviesheet? I have been using your earlier theme and notice that, while in your screenshot, the reflection looks like it belongs, in movies with lighter backgrounds, the reflection kind of just hangs there and looks a little out of place. Like I said, just a thought.


Thanks for the input, but NO, the reflection as part of the poster view was intentional.

However, you can get rid of the reflection without the use of Joeys coverup method.  With the Anodized Trickle version, if you are use my coverboxes, then all you have to do is to change the “h” value to “278” (and as long as you haven’t added a scale value) it will cut the reflection part off.

Here’s some samples of the new larger cover boxes. There are a lot more colors than this though.


Very Nice

Hurry up and release  this already:smiley:, just kidding TW

Eagerly awaiting

Bumped for theme release.

Thanks TW

Hey TW

Could you make the other blu-ray cover from your other theme available


Hey Tonny,

Here’s a larger version of that BR Cover Box.


many thanks TW. best theme so far by a mile.

 Hi Tinwarble,

Noticed the alternate backgrounds in the download where do I place the one I would like to use?

Thanks looks great and giving it a try now,


EDIT got it (sorry just had to turn my brain back on)