Mojo and transparency on WD TV Live Streaming


I installed Mojo on my WD TV Live Streaming (guess here you say MPS).

I have not transparency at my thumbs.

My problem:

I get for the movie “Columbo 01x01.mkv”:

Columbo 01x01.mkv.tgmd

Columbo 01x01.png

Columbo 01x01.xml

Columbo 01x01_cover.jpg

Columbo 01x01_sheet.jpg

The Columbo 01x01.xml contains:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  Mord nach Rezept   Columbo   Weil  ... SKIP   1968-02-20   Columbo ist ein  ... SKIP       8.5     tt1466074     Krimi   Drama   Mystery   Thriller       Peter Falk     Richard Irving   NBC Universal Television   Columbo 01x01\_sheet.jpg   Columbo 01x01.png     Columbo 01x01.mkv   N/A

As you can see as backdropthere are also the file: Columbo 01x01.png

The thumbs has transparency, but the MPS doesn´t show it.

In the manuel stand I should rename the PNG to JPG … but then I see no thumbs on my MPS.

Can somebody help me?

Thank you!

The 1st thing you should do if you have a “Theme” Specific Question is to Post that Question in the Author’s Thread, instead of creating a “New Thread” for everyone to scroll and wade through trying to find information.

2nd 'ly if you read through this Forum you would have found the Information that …

.png   for  ‘Backdrops’ is Not Possible they will not display …even if you rename them to .jpg

3rd 'ly personally not owning a SMP … from what ive read it wont display .png with transparency. (could be wrong, but think im correct)

try reading more posts or even use the ‘Search’ function at the top of the page before starting a New Thread that will result in a single answer…

“it wont work”