Mojo 1.12.01 (MS) - UPDATE 11-07-11

You actually don’t need to do all the things your doing.

You don’t need the yourfilename.jpg in the xml, it’s not really used.

You also can create the moviesheets directly to the HUB (or attached HD) from Thumbgen.  No need to connect anything to your PC.

Just do everthing you had done in creating the thumbnails and moviesheets then edit the xmls, then once your done, unplug the HUB power cord, then plug it back in and your moviesheets should show up.

The .tgmd file is an internal Thumbgen file (Thumbgen Metadata) which is used if you change moviesheets.  This is mainly so that you can use “Automatic” mode if you decide to change the moviesheet you want to use.

Tinwarble wrote:

You actually don’t need to do all the things your doing.


You don’t need the yourfilename.jpg in the xml, it’s not really used.


THANK YOU for that info. I bet this is why a lot of my thumbnails show the -screen.jpg file instead of the cover art. You go into the Action folder and expect to see a nice display of covers at the bottom to scroll thru and end up looking at half filled covers because its trying to display the wrong file!


Dang, now I’ve got some more work to do :wink:



I did try using the test folder and nothing showing up properly. Will look for the settings you suggested and try again tonight…

Thanks for the help.

Exactly what do you mean by “nothing showing up properly”?   If you used the test folder and it didn’t work, then there is something else going on.


The folder icon shows Mojo, once you go into the folder is just show blank film strips. Still investigating if there is something that I am not setting or missing… Learning process.

Did you unzipp the theme directly to the HUB?  If you did, then there have been issues with the theme not being copied correctly that way and messing things up.

Even if you didn’t, you may want to try deleting the theme, then unzipping it to your PC, then copying it to the HUB’s theme folder.  Because from what you described, it sounds as though then theme was corrupted somewhere.


I have been extracting directly to the hub, deleted the themes from the hub and will extract to the PC and then the hub and will try again tomorrow.



I should have some new versions of Mojo (MS) and (MSP) available this weekend.  This will also include a new moviesheet.  You will not have to change the current available moviesheet though, this will just be an additional sheet.



Tinwarble, when I read your posts, what do you mean by (MS) amd (MSP), being a new kid on the block, trying to learn the names (Terms).


(MS) = MovieSheet version.  This version will work with the older cover box thumbnails that where used with the earlier version of Mojo, so there is no need to regenerate the cover boxes if you have used Mojo before.  Only the moviesheet needs to be added (although the moviesheet is not required since it will also work with the backdrops the HUB scraps from

(MSP) - MovieSheet with Perspective view poster.  This version is much the same as the (MS) version, but if you notice in the 2nd pic, the Poster (the larger Cover Art next to the metadata) sets at an angle (or perspective view).  This version requires a different type of cover box to get this effect.

Hope this explains things a little more.


I got your latest  MOJO 1.09.08 (MSP) - Moviesheet with Perspective Poster, followed your instructions, which was great, question, I see you within the Mojo theme folder, you have alternative folder, which I gathered I could change the main screen presentation. How do I do that???

Tinwarble wrote:


For those that need it you can download a Tutorial HERE.


Great Tutorial!! Just what I needed! I liked it better than MoJo theme, nah, that ain’t happenin’. It is the next best thing to sliced bread though! :slight_smile:

I got the tutorial, and what I was asking was, I got the latest  MOJO 1.09.08 (MSP) - Moviesheet with Perspective Poster, followed the instructions, which was great, question, I see you within the Mojo theme folder. Within the themes, it has an alternative folder, which I gathered, I could change the main screen presentation. How do I do that???


Rename the image “RV-BG.jpg” then copy it to the themes “Image” folder.

You’ll need to reaply the theme, or restart the HUB before the background image will display.


Made progress. Now I get the backdrops and all the information, the only thing not working is the thumbnails. Read the tutorial and followed it… Any ideas, Can post links to files if needed.

Thanks for all the help…


Does the same thing in the test folder. Will try recopying theme…

When you say the thumnails aren’t working, what exactly do you mean?

Are they not showing up or are they just not displaying correctly?

If you can post a pic (post it on somewhere like Flickr, it takes a while to get approved here sometimes), it may make it easier for me to diagnose the problem.

Missing Thumbnails

Hello Tinwarble,

I got Mojo 1.09.04 (MSP) - Moviesheet version up and running, looks great, question I don’t see the ratings on the top /above the year ??  Any thoughts evey thing else works fine…

Another question, any icons you might suggest I could use to describe each folder  …  ie HDDVD, BLURAY, WAR ETC… 


Your are the best

The ratings are on the moviesheet, if you do not see them, then it is because they weren’t generated when you made the moviesheet.

You can get the folder icons that I use HERE.