Modified Legacy Theme Request

I need a modified version of Legacy. It’s my favorite theme, but there’s one problem that makes it unusable for me. When I’m disconnected from the internet on the hub (which I often am) and I try to view a videos info on moviesheet view (I always have an XML file included for the info) it makes reading it very hard since my wallpapers and the text are often too light to be read. Is there an easy modification that can be made to the Legacy theme to fix this?

Hi there, try to contact the Theme Guru’s in here ( Tinwarble, HellI3ond, extremedigital , etc) and see if they can do it!

In the Legacy Theme (and others) there is a file called “rv_gallery_browse_page.xml” This is the basis for the default font size, screen position and text color. You can edit it with notepad, although my preference is a free utility called notepad ++.It takes a bit of playing around to get the look and feel you want. That’s what this forum is all about. Enjoy.

If you make changes to the font size you may have to adjust the heights and y screen positions

<text x="254" y="252" w="380" h="20" text="@@year" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left"/> <text x="645" y="252" w="580" h="20" text="@@genre" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left"/> <text x="645" y="286" w="580" h="20" text="@@director" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left"/> <text x="254" y="286" w="380" h="20" text="@@totaltime" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left"/> <text x="254" y="320" w="970" h="20" text="@@actor" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left"/> <text x="254" y="358" w="970" h="80" text="@@overview" fontsize="18" numlines="3" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left"/>