Modified - EX4100 ( Scheduled Reboot )

Hello everyone, first post here.

I’ve been working on a few things in regards to this NAS. I will be doing a recommended features topic soon to address many of the small and large items that make this drive go against its product design and scope. However this topic will dig into a question I’ve had from poking my nose around the firmware.

So I have been configuring the drive through SSH ( more than the web UI allows ) to aid in greater reliability in a business environment. I’ve scheduled a daily reboot service at 5AM. Western Digital’s power schedule was silly and limited. It only targets a home user and not someone using this NAS to its potential.

Moving forward, I am wondering if there is any particular differences in the reboot scripts. Currently there appears to be three ways to reboot the NAS.

1] - Restart (basic command line interface - unix/linux)
2] - Reboot command (binary) that is provided under sbin and appears to be a WD file (this seems to kill processes and do all the control panel interface aspects you’d expect, such as telling you it is rebooting)
3] - do_reboot command (binary) that is provided under sbin

Snooping around it appears that do_reboot is the proper way to perform a reboot as that is what the CGI script requests when performing any sort of reboot from the dashboard (web UI - internal network ). Does this call reboot?

I am guessing do_reboot also takes care of turning on a flag somewhere which another process that handles alerts, such as emails or SMS, acts upon.

Can anyone here confirm on the above? If more appropriate I’d like to move to the do_reboot , but since I have sensitive information it may be risky to try. Thanks.

Bumping, anyone have some experience / feedback?

I was able to dig that far as well ! Still thank you for adding this information to the thread. Surely it will help others.

Looking into the binary files I was able to trace further as there are some string elements that can be deduced. These string elements are the paths to the scripts themselves. This is were I verified that do_reboot is the wrapper itself. However since do_reboot is in binary as well, I cannot deduce how complex the call is. Does this just call reboot or does it schedule events such as an email alert. I will have to test this, sometime this week and report back.

Can anyone from WD confirm this ? :slight_smile: probably not since it is a modification, but it would be nice :smiley: