Mochi theme download?


Is there a way to download the original Mochi theme?

I have tried to download but there is nothing in the osd folder…

It would appear they are no longer putting the Theme files in the GPL code for some reason (though they are still there in 2.01.05…)

[edit: file link removed.]

Thanks a lot TonyPh12345 :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve a question about this theme.

Haven’t you changed anything? So it’s directly from the firmware?

I ask this because i saw something strange…

When i open home.xml, it has images in the code like “./image/home_main_function_frame_bg.png” and “./image/villa_bg.png”, but i can’t seem to find them anywhere. Do you know why?

Second, i saw a .xml file with the name ‘imdb.xml’, so i opened it and it briefly gives a choice on what you want to select when you get movie-info, and where you want to get it: imdb, tmdb, movieposterdb, impa and dtrailer. Any toughts?

I’m very curious, cuz if it’s the real deal then there should be or should be coming an option to select where you wanna get your movie info. And if you can edit that in .xml, then that means you can add sites with details on series. That would be awesome!


This is a firmware-issue. Some XMLs have restricted access after the .24 firmware update. Also mediafly, youtube and other services’ XML’s and images have been removed…

Ah ok, so you don’t know anything about the imdb.xml file etc?

Sorry, I don’t know what those do.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: