Mochi Theme 7x3 gallery view


First off this community is awesome, some of the themes are fantastic and must have taken so much time to code and design, there’s some seriously talented people here !, also I have noticed the relentless support given from JoeySmyth and @stearm on here is unbelievable, it must be like a full time job just responding to all the questions. if only customer support in companies were like this. Any way having read these forums over the years I felt compelled to register an account just to acknowledge these great efforts. :smile:

now a QUESTION if I may… how would you make 2 rows of 7 columns to show the movie covers on the gallery view on the original mochi theme? (also keeping the green red yellow blue buttons )… ?
(i know you will shake you head in disgust, i have little to no coding experience but am a whiz in other areas especially photoshop)

I know
@littleg68 posted a while back asking the same thing

He even kindly posted a mediafire link after he had figured it out. Unfortunately the link is not working anymore that would have been perfect.

I read somewhere that 7x2 view gives a pretty decent speed for scrolling, i tried stearm 6.2 theme he did for jmhenry5150 with a 10x3 view, it was absolutely perfect but navigation was very slow.
Is there any chance of that same custom theme but with a 7x2 view or maybe 7x3 if navigation speed is decent. (i can only post one link ill try and link this page in a reply comment)

Thank you so so much everyone and I do appreciate if you arn’t able to assist I know a lot have now retired.

Long live WDTV Live , for all its bugs with the recent firmware it have still proved to me as the best media player for local content playback hands down !!

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Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.


Download and have a look at the XML in this Gallery View Mini Mod (very easy to modify to Mochi)

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Thank you kindly @JoeySmyth great work will have a look at this when get back from shift tonight,


This is brilliant and very responsive !!! love the view, thanks so much for this, and for spending your time, the kids absolutely love the bigger cover art and can see more movies easily,

@JoeySmyth do you know which bit of code do i need to edit to remove the small thumbnail in the bottom left hand corner and widen the text area for the movie description to fill the bottom ?

really enjoying trying to tweak little bits and pieces

thanks again joey


CYAN = Poster and Frame
RED = Movie Description


thanks @JoeySmyth !!


Hi @JoeySmyth Everything is working perfect on the welo gallery minimod except because I painted over the default thumbnail icons on the game icon 004 png (the background for the theme page) it is now completely blank if a thumbnail has not been allready scraped,

Q. how can i get the movies missing thumbnails to display the default thumbnail icon but without having them painted on the babckground

thanks again @JoeySmyth and if you need any help with designing any artwork give us a shout :smile: