Mochi folder pictures

This is not really a theme, only pictures for you folders.

I like the original Mochi theme on my WD TV Live Hub and I use the folder view most of the time but i don’t really like the default folder icon. So I made these JPG files to personalize my folders.

All you have to do is to download the one you like, rename it folder.jpg and copy it in the folder you want to customize.

Folder Folder-Movies.jpg Folder-Movies2.jpg Folder-Movies-Animation - Copie.jpg Folder-Movies-Familly.jpg Folder-Music.jpg Folder-Photos.jpg Folder-Sample.jpg Folder-Services.jpg Folder-Settings.jpg Folder-TV.jpg Folder-User.jpg Folder-Videos.jpg

Have fun

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Nice, thanks for sharing.

simplicity rilues :smileyvery-happy: cool work