Hey Forum,

First off… I searched through  previous posts and could not find any discussions on MoCA Ethernet to coaxial networks.  If there have been and I just missed them then I apologize for this re-post. 

Anyway…I was just wondering if anyone has tried MoCA connecting WD equipment and what are the transfer speeds?  The MoCA site brags on the transfer speeds and how superfast networking through coax is.  I just ordered the Actiontec ECB2200 and I’m planning to move my WD powerline from my HUB to my WD Live setup in another room and ditch wireless altogether…   If connecting to the MI424WR router using Verizon Fios you are supposedly golden.

If anyone has used this network setup… please comment!

I haven’t tried that, Hummm, but will verify if  any of my friends have and let you know.

Well I can tell you this… The Ethernet over coax did increase my streaming speed 3x… But Im still having issues streaming HD from my PC hard drive to my HUB with files above 10-15gb when choosing the networkshare option. I’m fine streaming HD through TVersity! The only way Ive found to gauge my intra-network speed is by file transfers. Prior to MoCA, I would typically get file transfer speed around 2.5-3MB/sec from PC to my HUB using a netgear powerline adapter set-up, but with MoCA I avg around 8-8.5MB/sec