Mobile not connecting on the go

When i am on the go, train for example, i can connect and use normal with my iPad. But with my iPhone it shows only wifi connected in the wifi network list. But on top it still shows the mobile network plan like 3G or Edge. But Does not really connect to the device, can not open anything. Anyone else had that problem? When back home i can connect normally as soon as the device has connected to the home network.

Hi @SkyCryer - can you please clarify which devices you are using and versions of iOS?

For example: iPad Air 1 and iPhone 6s, both running iOS 10.2.

iphone 7 and iPad Air 2 with IOS 10.3.1

Great, thanks for the details!

By the way, it also sounds like you have it set up in Wi-Fi “pass through” mode (where you can connect to both the internet via Wi-Fi as well as the MPWP). When on the train, can you try turning this off, just connecting directly to the MPWP (with no internet pass through), and let us know if the issue pops back up?

You mean the switch to disable internet? Did that before and now again, no changes. Still can not connect to the device with my phone. Only if wd drive is connected to another wifi network i can connect

@SBrown , I know I’ve already been lighting you up a lot today…I’m going to do it once more. :wink:

@SkyCryer , my only other thought here, is - have you seen this issue with any other Wi-Fi networks on your iPhone 7? Also, from your iPhone, have you tried “Forgetting” the MPWP Wi-Fi network and then setting it up fresh? It’s a long shot, but worth a try just in case.

Never had problems with any other wifi networks.

Forgetting and reconnecting doesn’t make a difference

Super weird.

@SBrown , what would you recommend? It’s strange that it attaches just fine to the iPad and the home router on Wi-Fi, but not the iPhone 7.

There is a new feature in iPhones in the Cellular settings, at or near the very bottom of list and called Wi-Fi Assist. If it is on, try turning it off to connect to the MPW; otherwise phone is auto switching you to cell network.

Let me know if this fixes things for the MPW on the train.

After some testing and google i found out the the wifi is connected even if iPhone does not show the wifi icon instead of the carrier icon. Disabling Wi-Fi Assist was not needed, i still have internet and can connect to the MPWP Drive.

Thank you all, with the info of Wi-Fi Assist he would never have googled because i was sure it is a WD Bug :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help :thumbsup:

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