Mobile connection to 2 mbl's

Lets see if I can explain this correctly.

I have a 2Tb MBL which I can and always have been able to remotely connect (WD2GO)  to.

My son has moved out to his own place and now has his own MBL which now has his content from my MBL copied to it, I used an external hard drive to do that.

I now find that I cannot connect to his MBL but I can, as I always have been able to, connect to mine. WD2GO lists both devices but when I select my sons device to connect to on my mobile (HTC andriod) it fails to connect just saying “Unable to access device. (0)”

Any help appreciated. Thanks


Make sure that your son have set port forwarding on his router to allow the connection. Also, ask him to check the firewall settings for the router and his network.