Mobile backup after WD photo retirement


In WD photos there is an option to backup with month and year from your phone, how can we keep this option while forced now to move to WD mobile app.

I looked into the app and its just backing up everything into one folder without creating subfolders.

Hope someone has an answer.

Hello there,

What type of smartphone are you using ? Is it an iOS device or an Android device? Normally if the app is not available on the store anymore, as long as you have it installed, it could still work, however I do not know if when the app is retired the service will not work, and if it does still work i would not know for how long.

I think this a reaction to the announcement of the retirement of WD Photos app, asking if the unique features of the Photos app are going to be incorporated into a revised Mobile app.

A very reasonable question, and one that WD ought to address in the retirement notice.

At this time, I know of no new features being incorporated in the current My Cloud app. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be in the future. My recommendation is to post it as an idea in the Software Ideas’ board.

Product family development often takes the form of adding new features to existing products.

WD seem to be adopting an alternative strategy…

And we do do that. However, WD Photos is from another era and I’d assume we couldn’t update it to the current software standards. Regardless, it is now being retired.

Retiring a service that provides certain features, and not replacing those features with some other means isn’t adding features; it’s taking features away. I can’t see how you can argue any other way.

Are you saying ‘Tough’…?

Honestly, I’m not arguing. I was just trying to clarify why they may not be able to just update the software. Also, I can completely see your point of view. That’s why I said to post the feature request to our idea board. We actually push the ideas, once they gain traction with other users, to the product teams.

I wasn’t saying “Tough,” I was just saying it is now out of our hands - that is resurrecting WD Photos. I’ll try to be more clear next time.

Out of whose hands? WD’s…?

Whilst I understand that you’re not in charge of product development, I guess you’re the nearest we’ve got to representation from WD on this forum (you’re the ‘Community Manager’, right?), so I suppose I take you as something of a spokesman for the company. Your comment suggests that you’ve ‘gone native’ to some extent…

I’m sorry, I was never meaning to speak outside of what I already posted in regards to WD Photos. But, I do appreciate you taking the time to tell us what you think and I will be sure to pass along your feedback.

Hi, I know this post was 12 months ago, but I have recently upgraded my phone and I am now facing this problem.

I was wandering if there was now a work around or any new information if this feature will be getting added to the new mobile app?.