Mobile app . unused space, can it be removed?

When using the android mobile app it uses 75% of the screen for some stupid cloud logo. It’s completely useless, can I get rid of it and use the whole of the screen to see my files?

@Kev_One An image of what you’re seeing would help and what device are you using the app on?

On my Samsung Galaxy S7 here is what I see when I first open the app.

could you show us a picture of your screen?

I’m using an alba android tablet and the icon on the right of the screen doesn’t do anything, how do I get rid of it?

@Kev_One What size screen is your tablet?

I have a Samsung Tab A with a 10.1 inch screen and this only shows when I place it in the horizontal position. If I have it vertical it shows as it does on my phone.

Have you tried rotating your screen?

Yes and it’s there in both orientations using a vast majority of the screen