MLBD control board has failed, but the drives should be fine, how do I

Hi all, 

I’ve lost access to my MBLD, I’m certain that it is the the control board in the case and not the hard drives. 

WD, has sent me a new one (the entire item, case and hard drives).

Through numerous e-mails and phone conversations with WD, I’ve been both assured that I will be able to put my hard drives from my existing MBLD into the new  case and retrieve my data, and also told that putting my “old” hard drive into the new case will reformat and erase my existing data.

It’s been over two weeks of phone calls and E-mails with WD.

Can anybody here help me?

Thank you


I would use the first part of the following guide:

Just copy your stuff to other drive to protect it and then follow WD’s instructions… Or try the whole guide, maybe you could recover you MBLD, who knows?

Thank you aleshare, but I had already read that, and will consider it as a last resort. 

I didn’t buy a product that provides RAID1, only to find out that it’s useless if the box that contains the hard drives fails.

I would suggest that WD should be aware that this can possibly happen, and have a solution at hand. As opposed to me having to jump through hoops by downloading 4 files, and going through a 5 step process. That I might add isn’t even a WD solution but one crafted by folks on this board.

It has been suggested to me by WD support that I can just switch out the hard drives from my existing Live Duo, into the new housing that was sent to me, but WD has failed to provide my with the information to accomplish this.

Get the user manual from the link below (top right hand side of page). This will explain how to change the drives. That guide was to do with a better be safe than sorry routine and actually said that raid1 should be OK.

Thank you for the link richUK, but I have no problem simply changing out a drive. I’ve done it many times in in many computers. So popping the lid off a MBLD, unscrewing the guard and sliding a new drive in is a piece of cake.

My problem is that the operating system system/control board on my existing MY Book Live Duo seems to have gone bad.

I feel 100% sure that the hard drives in it are functional and the data on them is not corrupted. I just need to find a way to retrieve it. 

My latest try was to shut down the “New” MBLD that WD sent me, put the two drives from the old one in the new case and power it up, no luck there.  Although the  “new” MBLD showed up in my network before I switched out the drives, it can’t be discovered now. 

And for that matter, as I can’t “see” it, I can’t do a soft shutdown on it either.

I hope the Sentinel DX 4000 that I’ve had for a few weeks gives me better use than the MBLD has!