MLB2TB transfers slowed from 5.5MB/s to less than 2MB/s suddenly

Hey everybody, first post here, but I sure have been looking around and reading a lot getting this NAS setup. All seems to be going pretty well with a few quirks here and there. With that said…

I’ve been transferring movies from my laptop over to the NAS, little bits at a time and am almost done with them. My collection so far is pretty small, ~100GB and I’ve moved around 90GB so far. Until yesterday, I was getting about 4.0-4.5MB/s transfer speeds. Then while I was downloading another movie, the transfer speed dropped to less than 2MB/s, so I realized that I had my wireless N router switched to only G mode, so I went and switched it to N mode and all of a sudden the transfer speed went up to 5.5MB/s, so I’m thinking great! Downloading movie was as fast as usual and so was movie transfer.

Then later that day I go to transfer the movie to the NAS and speeds are around 500KB/s to 3.0MB/s, but mostly on the lower end of that range.

I didn’t change any other settings. The MBL isn’t streaming anything so I know it shouldn’t be busy. No backing up anything or creating libraries, etc… The size of the movies has been roughly the same, between 1.5-3GB.

Any ideas what could have happened? I haven’t tried using ethernet from my laptop to router yet, will in just a few minutes though.

Setup is: Laptop (wireless N, 10/100 nic) --> Netgear WNR834B 10/100 draft N --> MyBookLive through cat6 cable.

I know I need a new gigabit router with the new true wireless N, but not sure if it’s in the budget right now.

Thanks for any help!

I just transferred a 1GB video file through ethernet cable hooked straight to my router and the speed was 7-11MB/s, averaging at 10MB/s, according to TeraCopy.

So the problem must be with my wireless connection then, right?

Well, I’ve narrowed the problem down to my laptop’s built-in wifi by connecting a USB Cisco Wireless-N dual-band wifi adapter. Now I get speed around 5.5-7MB/s which seems OK, even staying above 5MB/s while downloading  content at 3MB/s from the internet. So, guess I’ll stick with the USB adapter for now.

Just curious…u say u r now getting 3mb/sec download froom the internet…what speed of service is your ISP providing?

I have 12MB/sec DSL and in downloading it pulls a max of 1.3MB/sec

Ah yeah, I get those B’s mixed up sometimes… my DSL is pretty slow due to my distance from the phone box so the max I can get is 3Mbps, so, I suppose if I do the math right (maybe not?) I should be able to max around 384kBps, which I rarely do, usually around 340kBps.

Just until recently I couldn’t have told you what the conversion between bits and bytes and kilo this and mega that is, but I’m learning! Haha… probably common knowledge for most folks on here…

Haha, well cos of your post I went and did some reading and learned a couple of things!