MLB tv

I just signed up my WDTV Live for  I watched one game, no problem, around 2pm today.  Then around dinner time, I started watching a 2nd game.  It didn’t go very far before it stopped and told me that I didn’t have enough bandwidth to play the game.  I looked and looked, and could not find any option to fallback to SD.  There should be a video quality option, or adaptive streaming, like Netflix, so games can be watched even if the bandwidth is currently low.  I just signed up for one month of service, I guess that will be all I get, because I don’t think this is a quick fix.

Has the problem persisted?

Yes, during the evening hours, say 5:30pm to 9pm, it is impossible for me to watch a game for more than a few minutes.  During this time, the bandwidth in my area is very congested, and I am not surprised by this happening.  But I am upset that the MLB app does not have any “adaptive” streaming or some other way to fallback to “Normal” speed during these peak hours.  These are quite desirable hours to watch baseball, of course.  My research has led me to the fact that other devices that have the MLB app have an option to use adaptive or normal speed instead of HD speed. 

This would be a very welcome addition to the MLB app on the WD device.  Other than this, I find the WD devbice excellent, and will probably buy several more of them.  It is MLB that will most likely lose my subscription fees.