volume control

I have a Samsung smart tv. When I use the app through the smarthub button on the tv, I cannot adjust the volume or mute. Whatever volume the tv was on when I start the app, it stays that volume. When I go back to regular tv, the volume and mute buttons work. When I used the app through my blue ray player, there were no problems. The blue ray player no longer has the app, so I need to use it through the tv. Any suggestions for how to fix this? Thanks!

Well, I have to ask – what does this have to do with Western Digital products?

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@bandman Have you read the User Manual for your TV? Have you checked the Samsung web site to see if they have a community that can help you?

I have a Sony Bravia Smart TV and have read the User Manual and I also belong to the Community just in case I need to ask something about my TV. So far I haven’t had to ask for any help.

I figured out the problem. MLB.TV no longer supports the app for my tv.