update for us too?

Is WD planning on moving the update down to us Live Plus owners as well??

Good question, right now the update is only for the wdtv live streaming and the wdtv live hub.

wondering the same thing

If  they don’t - sure won’t buy another wd product

bad when  a company doesn’t try to keep existing customers satisfied 

mlb works fine on my Boxee   Samsung units

  So it looks like April 5 is the next day to circle on our calanders.  MLBtv  has updated when it is going to launch on the WD Live Streaming.  Lets keep our fingers crossed we see a useful update by then.

:cry:My WD box has suffered the ultimate indignity.  It lost its LAN cable to another device I actually use and is now sadly collecting dust in the entertainment center.  It is so sad,  so so sad.