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First time poster. I appreciate there may be a few forum posts relating to this. Feel free to re-direct if required.

I have had my WDTV Live for about 10 months now and recently purchased The first couple of times it worked great, no issues whatsoever. In the past week, the sound works about 10% of the time. Movies work fine.

The firmware is up to date and I have had the sound issues with both wireless and wired network connections.

I have also had some problems with hard drive recognition, so I am starting to this this is a firmware issue but I’m not sure.

Thanks in advance.


define “Sound Issues” … eg. No Sound, Intermittent Sound [cutting in or out] , Low Sound  ?

what steps have you taken to sort them problem ?  tell us what you’ve checked

lastly, to make sure you’re in the correct forum … what is your firmware revision number ?   ( Setup > About … will tell you)

Hi JoeySmyth,

Thanks for the reply, sorry for the delay in me getting back to you.

By sound issues, I meant no sound at all. Video is fine but no audio whatsoever. It’s like a mute button has been pushed.

I have tried channels on the player (youtube, ABC iView (Australian streaming channel) and they are both fine. It appears to be specific.

I have tried resetting the player using System -> Device Reset and also using the hard reset button on the bottom of the player itself. I have tried restarting the player as well.

I have performed a bandwidth check on MLB website and that is OK as well. When I watch on my laptop it’s all fine so I am not sure it is my internet connection.

I am currently updated to 2.02.32. which is the most recent update according to my player.

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try this

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Thanks JoeySmyth, that worked a treat! Completely fixed.

Thanks a million!!