MLB.TV on LiveHub?

Anyone try MLB.TV on the Live Hub?  I have been an MLB Extra Innings subscriber for 10 years on DirecTV, but based on the price difference, am considering dumping the package via DirecTV for MLB.TV.

Can you tell me what the DVR functionality is like?  

I haven’t tried it, but I think you should be able to find a video review on you tube. 

I don’t have it but have checked on it now and again. It has some dvr capabilities but I don’t think it is as highly functional as a dvr, though ymmv. The biggest drawback is baseball’s blackout policy. I would check to see if you can get your team’s home games. If you live in their blackout region you might be disappointed. Of course there are ways around that but I don’t think they can be discussed in this forum.

I would also note that moderator Bill_S posted a sticky last April that there was a problem with on the Hub. I see the post has not been updated. Not sure if there is still a problem.

The firmware was updated on 4/4/2012

Version 3.03.16: Resolved Issues: • Resolved MLB.TV season 2012 live game playback problem. • Resolved MLB.TV jump to inning takes 15-20 seconds, freezes video and remote response. • Resolved MLB.TV Miami Marlins missing team icon

That is good news.

In firmware release 3.10.09 MLB.TV is broken :frowning: Video don’t work, only recaps.