MLB Playback Issue (4/2/12)

So, just out of curiosity … The nest firmware update will be 4/4? Or is this just a fix for the MLB? I hope on 4/4 we also get our fix for the SMP rebooting while browsing files. This issue seems to be a little more important than the MLB. 

Yes, it was already released, if you check the release notes you can see the changes that were made.

Resolved MLB.TV season 2012 live game playback problem.
Resolved MLB.TV jump to inning takes 15-20 seconds, freezes video and remote response.
Resolved MLB.TV Miami Marlins missing team icon

Edit: Thank you for the correction  Strider_Nemesis


You should refrain from giving a canned response if you didn’t even bother to read or understand the user’s post. Did you really read Moor208’s post?