Mkv wont play sound

i have some mkv files that i would like to watch. however the sound wont play. i have played these files on my laptop with vlc media player with sound. is wd tv live able to support this file and its sound? if so how can i get the sound to play? thanks!

go to your settings and chg audio to stereo :wink:

if that doesnt work…download mediainfo…it will give more info about whats in the mkv…

Just to clarify, mkv is a container that can hold a wide variety of audio and video codecs.  While Live supports the mkv container, it doesn’t support every single audio and video condec contained within.

As Fugger noted, you can get some freeware that will examine that file and tell you what’s inside – if on a PC I’d actually recommend using mkvmerge because if the audio is non-standard you can convert it using that tool (in many cases).