MKV with AC3/DTS downmix to stereo, DVD ISO with subtitle?

Frankly, I’m not a tech person and I just need advice before buying a WD TV live for my movie times.

So the point, i have HD ready TV (24" Toshiba LCD), a external USB hard drive (USB2.0), and some movies I want to have them shown on my TV. I check my movies name, they comes with some remarks as: 720p, 1080p; h264; sometimes DTS, AC3, sometimes Bluray etc. I have them all playing fine on my laptop.

Can these movies be played on WD TV live, the version shown on WD website by Feb. 2012. I live outside US, so I just want to make sure I got the right thing (through some friends who is traveling to US), as it is no returnable!

How about DVD ISO? I have some TV Series in DVD but dont have a real DVD player, only my laptop!

Hi, check the link to view all of the compatible files types with the WDTV.

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Thank Alucard! How about stereo output from surround sound movies? Any dts, ac3 can be downmox to stereo? How about 1080p movies on 720p capable tv like mine?

My old  WDTV Live (1st Gen Released 2009)   will downmix DTS and AC3 to Stereo just fine.

You will find all WD Devices support this now (including the Plus,SMP,Hub)