MKV Stutter from wired PC

I have a Windows 7 Ultimate PC connected via wire to a Linksys E2000 router, also connected to the router is a Windows 7 Ultimate laptop connected wirelessly, also wired to the router is a DNS-321 NAS.

Here is the issue…

I’ve attempted to play a 6.55 gig MKV from all three sources. It plays perfectly from the laptop and the NAS. Since the last firmware update I can’t play the video from the wired PC. It stutters. All MKVs I attempt to play stutter. I’m completely lost. I even reloaded Windows on the PC. No help there. What could be causing this!?!?!

same problem here…

my wdtv live box updated itself and since then i cannot play mkv’s anymore.

edit: even films that used to play perfectly now stutter und cannot be viewed anymore.

I don’t know what to tell you… I’ve never had any stuttering issues with Matroska files streamed from my PC under 1.04.10.  It doesn’t matter what bitrate/resolution I try.  Even when the PC and network are busy with other tasks.

There is about a 5 or 10 second delay after I push “Play” before the file starts playing, but after that, it plays as smoothly under 1.04.10 as it did under 1.02.21.

Since NAS and local work, the only thing that would immediately jump out was if they were uncompressed streams and you were hitting the Samba throughput cap.

The bitrates of the .mkv files wouldn’t happen to be over 20-30 MB/s, would they?

I honestly don’t know. All I know is the same exact files played perfectly prior to the last update. Is there anyway to roll back the update?

i also didnt change anything and all the mkv’s that used to work wont work now.


Awesome! I really appreciate the link. I rolled it back to 1.02.21, when attempting to access the network shares it caused the WD to reboot. I then upgraded to 1.03.49 using the normal procedure. Everything is now working perfectly. Considering all 1.04 does is give you a crappy way to access facebook…I’ll hold out for real firmware.

yea thanks alot for the link.

i too rolled back to 1.03.49 and everything is fine again!

thanks alot for your help

I have 1.3 software ( never loaded 1.4 ) and my 4+Gb mkv files all work fine from any source.

Just wanted to add my thanks, rolled back to 1.03.49 and far as I can tell everything works as it should now.

Was a bit tricky since I just bought this so I wasn’t sure how it was supposed to work, but on both 1.04.17 and the previous firmware version my mkv files would typically play for about 1 minute and then start to studder, whether local, wireless or wired.

The video, music and pictures tabs make much more sense with the older firmware, they should really reorganize the interface in the new versions if they continue to include all internet apps in one place. There was a few minor things that the newer firmwares did better, however as most of them do not have anything to do with playing a file (other than I could occasionally play .m2ts and .wtv correctly), for now I am alright without.