MKV sound on stereo TV. Dialogue too low

A problem ive had and to be fair its happened before the live hub too, is that when I play an MKV, (honestly, I’m not 100% sure if the files in question are 5.1 dts but I guess so) the sound isnt how I want it.

for example, dialogue scene are painfully low so I have to turn up my TV. Then an action scene happens and the cones almost blow out the speakers.

I’m only connected via HDMI and on a stereo TV. And thats all I want. I want the sound to sound like it does when I play the mkv on my pc with headphones on. Balanced and level.

Any ideas on how I can solve this issue? It’s making movies a pain to watch.

You can’t. The player has to downmix and depending on how the original audio is authored it sometimes does not work properly. Only way around this is to get a receiver that does not downmix.