MKV problem, not network problem

Hi, my WD TV LIVE have FW is 1.01.17 i have a HDD WD3200xms

I have like 7 mkv movies, and i have problems on every one

IE. Im start view the movie and in some point of the movie: the subtitles got desynched and then the picture get freeze, then in a minute or some the screen go to the folder of the movie. i try to resume the movie, and same problem again.

The problem is on any  movie and the time of the freeze is random, i dont know why.

all my MKV are made bye mkvmerge.

Any help?

There could be some problem with your HDD or the USB ports, though in that case playback would fail with other files. If you don’t have problems with other filetypes this will probably not help, but try alternative ways of playing those files on the WDTV (USB memory stick, or ethernet port).

If you only have problems with MKV files then there’s probably something peculiar about the files you are encoding; you might be encoding the videos in x.264 or other codec and not restricting it to the levels supported by the WDTV (high profile, L 4.1). That’s probably the first thing I’d look for.

:womansurprised: ty alot i go to check the level

and i guess my HDD have some problem cause when i do the surface check tell me have some I/O error :womansad:

BTW   billstpor wich MKV encoder u use?

but ty alot for the help

I think the problem is not to do with the MKV but the codec of the files within the MKV. MKV is just a container for A/V files and not a codec. You can put various encoded files into the MKV container and some of them will not work with the WDTV Live.