MKV PGS Subtitles

As everyone can tell, I’m totally new to this board…I have been searching for this question I have but came up with some mixed results.

I’m trying to figure out if WD TV Live will play PGS subtitles in an MKV container. Now, I have seen that a beta firmware (1.02.19) claims it can, so I installed that badboy but still couldn’t get it to work. But maybe I read it wrong and that firmware doesn’t fix that issues. I’m not sure. So if someone could please clear that up for me, it’d be awesome, or if it’s answered somewhere else and I just couldn’t find it, redirect me! Thanks a bunch!

No one has any sort of information on this?

It appears that the WDTV does not support these subtiltles. 

I can only find this info on the net.

PGS subs seem to work fine within an M2TS container on the Live but the MKV specs (and popular freeware MKV muxing tools) do not currently support PGS.

There are ways to convert PGS to a supported format, or you could explore using M2TS containers for films with PGS subs.