Mkv movie format

Why mycloud external hard drive will sometimes not play mkv movies

What program, software or DLNA client are you using to play the MKV file?

The My Cloud doesn’t “play” the media file rather it simply passes the media file to the computer or mobile device and that computer or mobile device will attempt to use its default media player to play the media file. In the case of DLNA clients the Twonky Media Server which is embedded into the My Cloud will stream the media file to the DLNA client to play if that media format is supported by both the Twonky Media Server and the DLNA client. MKV is supported by the Twonky Media Server.

If the MKV file plays at first then stops, check your local network for network connection. If DLNA client is connected by WiFi, try connecting it via Ethernet. And ensure the MKV file is playable by playing the file on your computer.

See the following link for more information on best practices if using the Twonky Media Server on the My Cloud.

Did you make the MKV file or did you acquire it “elsewhere”? I can only help people who make their own MKV files, because in this case, there is known variables. All the MKV files I have I have made, and therefore I know they were made correctly.

These are movies obtained by peer to peer. When I go into the drive from the Samsung TV all files play. When I try to access from the hopper on dish, only mp4 files will play. So on my other tv in the living room it is not wireless. Therefore you can only access my drive from dish 's hopper and of course it has to be mp4. Isn’t there a way to put an app or player on the hopper or should I use Mezzmo?Thx for your help/ David Lusk

I have no idea, perhaps someone else does.