MKV image suddenly green while playing


I’m using WD TV (gen1) for a year now , it’s a good product


While playing some mkv files, sometimes image get complety green (many small squares), i need to stop and resume for be normal again (most frequent on 1080p files)

It’s really boring, i’m thinking maybe to downgrade (actually using 1.03.01) i didn’t notice that before.

I’m hoping a new firmware, but i guess it not gonna be for tomorow.

I’m someone got advices…


Got downgraded to 01.02.07…

Still got green squares, and framerate seems to be lower than 01.03.01 (still with a 1080p mkv file)

As i see , WD team seems not to care much the forum.

I’m hoping advice or help …

Thanks in advance

Unless someone else has had this experience, you most likely won’t get a response.  I would contact WD about this to see if they’d know anything about it.  You can contact WD’s Technical Support by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Had the same problem so emailed WD , suggested I updated firmware but unfortunately it didnt work , Im changing my external  drive so will give that a go.



the video your playing could be corrupted or incomplete in someway, thats been the problem when the green screen thing has happened to me, does it play without any problems on your computer?

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Ive tried several different mkv files with the same result , it plays avi files ok and everything else that i throw at it , Ive not tried a different drive yet so will post results in the next day or so



Its appears that it was the external drive i was using , I now have a WD external drive and all is good , the only other problem now is that the sync is still out with some mkv files.