Mkv High 10@L5.0


I would like to know if in future updates would exist the possibility of make the WD TV Live Streaming compatible with 10 bits MKVs and **bleep** color subtitles. Thanks a lot.

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Possible?   Maybe.

Likely?  Not a chance.

The limitation on 8-bit video may very well be hardware dependent.

Tony, excuse me for being challenged in Technical terminology but are you saying this problem will most likely not or can’t be addressed  until another WD Device is created? This is not a software issue?

That would be my presumption…

Reading around, none of the current crop of set top media streaming devices (WDTV, Boxee Box, Roku, Xtreamer, etc.) can support Hi10p due to hardware limitations. It’s not something that can be fixed with a software / firmware update.

There’s a big push for Hi10p, especially amongst the anime subbing community, but there’s simply no support for it in hardware yet.  I’m not aware of any new hardware close to release that can handle it either.  

The claimed benefits (improved image quality at a lower filesize) do not outweigh the fact that nothing can play them other than a full-blown PC (or faster-than-average HTPC, since there’s no GPU support for Hi10p yet and the CPU has to do all the work).

My advice would be to source your media from a group that has more common sense.

Or, yunno, buy your stuff and sidestep the problem entirely. :stuck_out_tongue: