MKV HD files stored on remote PC under Windows 7


I try to read MKV HD files on my WD TV Live Media Player,  it works when I connect an external hard drive with an USB port or with an Ethernet cable to the WD player… but NOT when my MKV file is stored on my PC under windows 7, linked with an Ethernet cable… the WD player does not SEE it !!! is it linked to the operating system (Windows 7) ?

What can I do ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

I am streaming HD Mkv files from windows 7 without problems.

Have you enabled filesharing in win 7?

You should use a normal folder share (with read access for “everybody”) instead of the media server or media library of wmp 12.

It’s what I did ! I put the MKV files on the same folder (Public Videos) than the other video files (AVI, etc…) … the WDTV live sees all the files, not the MKV ones !!! Looking at the forum with the “MKV” search keyword… I seem not to be the only one having huge problems with MKV files through home network… and I did not see any solution yet.

if you have any solution… please help and advise !

Thanks in advance… from France !

I’m  having the exact same problems and haven’t found a solution.  I tried going through WD support but they were not helpful at all.  if you find a solution to this, please post it!  

The WD TV Live is supposed to read MKV files.  But are you, guys, sure you’re using the right codecs (h.264, x.264, AVC, MPEG1/2/4, VC-1)?

Ok, i figured it out.  

for the WD Live player to be able to “see” the mkv files from a computer that’s running windows 7 (i’m using the 64-bit version), you have to enable basic file sharing as an admin.

to do this, follow instructions here:

then reboot and log onto your computer as admin.

then go to the folder with your video files in it and change the sharing properties so everyone can share.  then reboot both computer and WD Live player.  then your computer should be visible in the network shares part of the WD Live menu and the folder with your videos in it should be there and the WD Live player can now recognize/play mkv files.  

this was a super annoying problem but i’m glad there is a solution.

the codecs had nothing to do with it.  it was a problem associated with file sharing in windows 7 (vista has same problems).  as was stated earlier, the WD Live player has no problems with seeing and playing mkv files over the network off of a windows xp computer, or if you plug an external drive into the player via USB.  it was just a problem with file sharing/permissions/etc assoc with windows 7.

hope this helps some people out there.

Are you attempting to share or stream the content?  If you are streaming–what program?  If you are not streaming, why not since you have the connection anyway?

In additon to what Bill states which is true, this could be a permission issue with Windows 7 as it is very particular concerning this.  Streaming could eliminate the permissions issue it is at play here. 

I read that you have to convert WTV files to DVRMS files if you are using Vista or Windows 7,Is that true?

The problem I have is that I can not stream any of the Tv shows ,it will start to play and then  freeze.Is there a fix for that?