MKV Files


I have recently purchased a WD personal cloud 2 TB HD, and I own a Samsung Smart Bluray player. Until I purchased the WD Cloud I used to copy films on to a small flash drive / hard drive and play through the USB port on the front of the player (including MKV files), however now that I have the cloud I have copied all the films to this HD so that they are all accessible at any time but I can not play any of my MKV movies on my bluray player off of the cloud, I get an error message come up saying file not supported.

I have the HD connected to my TalkTalk router which is also connected to my Bluray player via ethernet.

The Samsung Bluray player must support MKV files because I can play them through the USB port so my question is, why can I not play the MKV files from my WD personal cloud? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

These two formats are different, mkv container (loaded from usb) and dlna (via stream). By right dlna standards doesn’t support mkv. Check your bluray manual (which model?) if it supports mkv via dlna stream.

Try renaming those mkv to avi and see if you can trick your bluray to load them via dlna.

Else you’ll need to convert those mkv to other supported dlna formats by your bluray.

Or install a transcoder app like serviio in a pc to read from mycloud and stream to your bluray. 

I not sure and haven’t tried though, if you were to try install a transcoder app in mycloud itself due to myclouds limited processing power. Might not worth a try if it can’t transcode fast enough to feed to the bluray. This would also risk voiding your warranty…

See the User Manual, P.101.