MKV files wont play sound

I have a first gen WD media player (WDAVN00bn) and when I play MKV files there is no sound. The picture is great though. WHen I go to option (audio)  it gives me a choice of Chinese or English. Funny, the Chinese will have audio but when I try English there is no sound. I have the latest version and I have tried rebooting…Someone please help!!! I am going crazy trying to figure this out LOL.

How are you hooked up between your WDTV and your TV / Audio system?

Also, Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.

I am hooked up via HDMI

HDMI to what?   A TV?   An AVR?

If a TV, you probably need to set the AUDIO MODE to STEREO in the WD setup.