MKV files with A_AC3 audio wont play sound

Can I install a codec onto the hub that will let me listen to these films or will I have to re-encode them somehow?

Thanks in advance


You cannot install any codec onto the hub.

thanks for the reply.  in some places I read that the unit will play AC3 and others say it wont, its all a bit grey.

ok the plot thickens, if i select stereo in audio settings then I get sound but I want these files to use their 5.1 sound, not 2 ch sterao.  Any ideas?

How do you have your system hooked up?  TV, AVR, HDMI, Optical?

Its linked by HDMI (1.4 i think) to the ARC HDMI port on my panasonic tx-p42g20

So you are expecting your tv with only 2 speakers to let you listen to 5.1 or more channels.

The hub will downmix to stereo from ac3 and dts but you will only get the correct sounds if you have an amplifier with 5 or more speakers connected.

sorry i forgot to mention that the tv is linked to my home theatre system, also by HDMI which is 5.1 SS

Can you confirm that the Hub is linked up as follows:

Hub > [HDMI] > AVR >[HDMI]> TV

The way you described it initially sounds like: Hub > TV > Amp, which doesn’t make much sense.  :)

The Hub has no problem outputting AC3 audio; I hear 2.0 and 5.1 AC3 pretty much every time I watch a film / TV show.

As pixel says, link your audio direct to your AV receiver. Certainly my TV fails to passthrough audio to my receiver from the hub.