MKV files not playing over network

  The network works just fine when watching youtube videos and using other apps. But when trying to play an .mkv file over the network it just sits there doing nothing…sometimes it’ll start the beginning but just skips and freezes up…

  I took the network cable out of my WD TV Live player and plugged it into my laptop and played .mkv files over the network just fine. (Yes i turned off wireless on my laptop to make sure it was playing through the cable.)

  Than I put a .mkv file on my USB thumb drive and played it from there just fine on the WD Player.

  I haven’t changed any video / audio settings at all.

  My setup…

Linksys WRT54GL

Netgear GS116 gigabit ethernet switch

windows 7x64

PS: The WD TV Live player is plugged into my switch. I am attemtping to access files on my HTPC which is also plugged directly into the switch. I have my desktop plugged into the switch as well. When accessing files such as .mkvs to my desktop from my HTPC it works just fine.

This only happens with the MKV files?

I have this exact same problem.  When the WD Live TV Plus is connected to a gigabit swtich and the NAS has a gigabit interface, MKV files will play for about 15 seconds and then audio quits and video goes all jittery.  The same MKV file will play fine when hooked to a 10/100 switch and streamed from a PC. VLC plays MKV files fine from the NAS.

So, I changed the interface speed of my NAS interface to 100Mb and MKV files play fine.  I’ve tried two different gigabit switches so the problem isn’t with the switch.  It’s the WD Live’s interface.

The only solution now is to run my NAS at 100mb which stinks as I use it for backups, etc.

WD…you have a problem with your network interface when connected to a gigabit switch.  Please fix soon.


p.s mp4 files don’t have this problem for some reason.  I don’t know if it’s bit rate or what.