Mkv file slow streaming

Hh guys i need help streaming mkv on my WD MY CLOUD streaming onto my samsung smart tv keeps discconecting.

Playing avi or mp4 videos i dont have any issues only when i view mkv files any chance i can get this working ?

Maybe your wifi isn’t fast enough.  Can you stream an MKV with a wired connection?

Hi and welcome to the WD Community.

Are you using the drive on a gigabit enviroment? 

What firmware are you running on the unit?

Hi thanks for the reply , im using billion 7800n never had any issue before.

When i watch mp4 or avi i have no problems streaming it only mkv.

Will try tonight wired connection.

Hi thanks for the reply.

lets not get to technical im not that great , what do u mean by gigabit enviroment ? 

Im using the latest firmare v04.01.04-422 and i got to say it got more worse with the last one